NAME: This organization shall be known as the Old University Neighbourhood Residents’ Association Inc. hereinafter called the “Association” which shall be abbreviated as OUNRA. The Old University Neighbourhood is the area bounded by the Speed and Eramosa rivers in the north, the lands of Cutten Fields and the University of Guelph in the east, the north side of College Avenue W in the south and by the Hanlon Expressway in the west. The lands and dwellings within these boundaries comprise the Old University Neighbourhood.

BYLAWS: The Association will make such bylaws, not contrary to law, as it may deem necessary, or are advisable for the good governance and management of its business and affairs; without being restricted thereby, especially with respect to the admission of members, the fees and dues which it may deem advisable to impose, the number, powers and duties and mode of election of its Executive Committee, its governing, managing and/or creation of committees or subcommittees; and the officers and members of the Association may, from time to time, alter or repeal all or any such bylaws as it sees fit.